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Buying Grand Prix Roses

The best place to purchase Grand Prix Roses is from a cut flower wholesaler. This will ensure you get the freshest roses possible and the best price - many retailers treble or quadruple the price of Grand Prix Roses, so considering Grand Prix are a pricy rose in the first instance, the savings can be massive! Speak to your flower wholesaler in advance so they have an understanding of the grades and stem lengths required. This will also give you the opportunity to ask questions about Grand Prix Roses. Before placing your order, try to calculate how many stems of Grand Prix Roses are needed for the job in hand and also what other cut flowers and foliages are needed. It is worth noting that all flower wholesalers quote prices excluding VAT.

Grand Prix Roses are usually wholesaled in wraps of 20 stems, although some of the higher grade, larger specimens are sometimes packed in 10's. The cheapest time of year to buy Grand Prix roses is in the summer, (very handy if you are using them for wedding flowers!). This is because all the high demand occasions like Valentines Day, Russian Lady's Day and Christmas are over. Couple this with the fact the natural growing season for Grand Prix is the summer time means they are sent to the flower markets in large numbers, making supply plentiful.

Because Grand Prix Roses are a premium product, we suggest you speak to a fresh cut flower wholesaler that is prepared to listen and advise. We recommend contacting a company called Triangle Nursery. They employ specialist flower advisers and have a web site showing 1000's of flower varieties, including all grades and stem lengths of Grand Prix Roses. Live market prices are published for each item, which is fantastic for budgeting. They also deliver to any address in the UK.

You can see and buy Grand Prix Roses by visiting the Triangle Nursery web site here.

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