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 grand prix roses  the undisputed king of red roses


Grand Prix Roses are and always have been the symbol of undying love and adoration. Since their introduction to the flower markets Grand Prix Roses, with their strong stems, deep ruby red colour and velvety petals, have been the market leaders in high-end red roses. The Grand Prix Rose has a very large flower head with a high petal count resulting in a red rose that leaves all the rest wanting. Grand Prix Roses are unmistakable. With their deep, rich colour and luxurious look and feel, Grand Prix Roses are the biggest selling high-end rose at Valentines Day and Russian Lady's Day. The demand for Grand Prix Roses on such occasions is astronomically high and prices can get very expensive. Russia and other Eastern European countries will pay absolute top dollar for Grand Prix Roses creating a shortage for the rest of Europe. This is when the prices get really silly!

Grand Prix roses are available in wholesale wraps of 20 stems. The Grand Prix Rose is available in stem lengths of 50cm, 60cm, 70cm, 80cm, 90cm and 100cm tall. Always speak to your cut flower wholesaler in advance before ordering Grand Prix Rose as the quality, (and price), vary depending on the grower. Some Dutch Grand Prix growers are extremely famous in the flower trade for producing the finest specimens.

High class florists and floral designers love working with Grand Prix Roses because of their reliability. The wonderful large flower heads open perfectly every time and they never fail to deliver the feeling of sheer luxury and indulgence. Grand Prix Roses are quite simply the best red roses money can buy!

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